The cooperation with PMC Personnel-Management-Consulting
is the guarantee for your success.
Our advantages over other competing companies lie in:

- rich experience on the market
- competences in the area of personnel consulting
wand trainings
- mobility and flexibility
- up-to-date knowledge presented in an interesting wmanner
- thorough professional education
- offering appropriate work tools
- undertaking non-standard challenges in the personnel amanagement area

Since its establishment in 1993, PMC has gained waste experience in preparing and holding competitions
and selection of candidates for key positions in companies. PMC specializes in researches of managerial competences and trainings increasing efficiency of employees.

PMC has a team of experts specialising in selection of personnel for managerial and specialist positions. PMC cooperates with experienced specialists successful in the areas of their activity, and also with persons conducting scientific activities in institutions of higher education.

For many Clients our excellent knowledge of the Lower Silesian market and nation-wide experience make
an optimal combination.

Thanks to our flexible attitude towards each Client we can meet various expectations regarding personnel consulting. After over 10 years of work for the most demanding Clients we can say that we bring a new quality into their operation.

Individual clients may use our Database to store their data, which creates for them the opportunity of obtaining interesting job offers.