- Interpersonal Communication
- Effective Sale
- Emotional Intelligence in Management
- Empowering Force of Motivation
- Training in Solving Conflicts Through Negotiations
- The Art of Exerting an Influence
- Training in Assertiveness
- Project Management
- Training in Coping with Stress
- Time Management
- Human Management in the Period of Changes
- Team Building

Trainings are held in our training room specially designed for this purpose or in centres checked by us (castles, hotels, mountain huts).

Trainings are conducted by experienced people achieving successes in areas of their specialty for many years. The activities that we prepare for you are conducted using advanced methods of activating participants. We use to a large extent video techniques, case studies, simulation games, and tests.

a lot about yourself
and others.

During trainings held in PMC we arrive at effective solutions for you and your company.

A great advantage of our trainings is our adjustment to your needs. Where do we know about them from? We will ask you about that in details, we will look with you through the stages of development of your company, we will tell you what you still need.